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Required courses for the major--38 hours with at least 14 hours at the 300-400 level, including:
ART 100; CSCI 201 or 244; NM 107, 121, 151, 221, 321, 439, 440, 490; and 12 hours as follows:
Foundation--Select 3 hours: ART 101; CSCI 202; DRAM 123; MCOM 101,102; MUSC 131.
Aesthetics and Social Awareness--Select 3 hours: MCOM 380, 382, 490; PHIL 301, 310.

Emphasis Areas--Select 6 hours from one of the following areas:
Computer Animation: CSCI 346; NM 310, 410
Interactive Design: CSCI 344; NM 320, 348, 420
Sound Recording: MUSC 384, 385, 386, 387
Video Production: MCOM 205; & either MCOM 437, 439, 493

Prior to their senior year, students may elect to design their own emphasis area and select 6 hours of appropriate courses with approval from the program director.
Required courses outside of the major--7 hours: MATH 163 or higher; and either PHYS 101 or 102.
Other program requirements include a delivery of a formal oral presentation and a portfolio in NM 221 judged satisfactory by the program faculty to satisfy oral competency skills and to review the level of design and Additionally, the students are required to complete NM 490 with a grade of C or better to demonstrate senior competency skills.
UNCA also offers a Minor in New Media studies. Please contact your advisor to find out more information about which classes and electives are most appropriate for your major.